DROP THE ACT in Eritrea
A CSR Project Sponsored by ODG

Kids drinking water in Eritrea

DROP THE ACT in Eritrea
A CSR Project Sponsored by ODG

DROP THE ACT in Eritrea
A CSR Project Sponsored by ODG
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As you might know ODG quantified, reduced and offset its C02 emissions to reach CARBON NEUTRALITY.

This month we present you one of the initiatives we sponsored to reach our Carbon Zero commitment: Drop The Act in Eritrea.



Since annexed from Ethiopia (1962), Eritrea has experienced period conflicts with serious consequences on all areas of life. Over 45% of the rural population does not have access to safe water and relies exclusively on unprotected wells, lakes and other open water sources that are highly susceptible to contamination. To tackle this issue, we have sponsored this project where local developers install and maintain boreholes in order to provide safe and clean water to the Eritrean communities. Boreholes are being implemented in Zoba Maekel, a rural district where many people still use inefficient three stone open fires. By providing safe water, this Project ensures that households consume less firewood to purify water, therefore it reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The Project allows to achieve 4 different objectives, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to Transform Our World (https://sdgs.un.org/goals). Repairing damaged wells and maintaining them in the long run, for instance, allows to improve greatly the health conditions of many Eritreans. Eritrea recognizes the importance of adequate water procurement and sanitation services as motors of social and environmental policy. On a yearly basis, 18 rehabilitated wells provided about 38 million liters of clean water.

eritrea water project
kid washing hands with soap

To assess if it is safe for human consumption, water is tested often and hold to the highest safety standards. Managers are trained locally for maintenance and protection of the wells against animals and vandalism. Additionally, the WASH trainings involve the local community to increase awareness through Q&A sessions, games and explanations given about topics such as:

  • Positive effects of hand washing
  • The usage of pit toilets
  • Keep the food and utensils clean
  • Good health and clean environment go together

Throughout the year, ODG is committed to invest in humanitarian projects which support, but are not limited to, climate action, gender equality, good health and well-being, affordable and clean energy, responsible consumption and production.

Contact us to know more and to design sustainable concepts.

17 sustainable developments goal by UN
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