INDEX 2022

A State of Mind

For the Index exhibition 2022, we undertook this project as a way to guide people on a journey. We wanted to showcase a space that could lead people somewhere.

Somewhere being a State of Mind.

As designers, we tend to design journeys into the spaces we create, be they food and beverage or retail. Each space has a story. Each created in a way that leads people to achieving an end goal. Journeys may differ depending on the users end goal.

Over the last few years, struggle and hardships have become a common theme in the world that we live in. Since the onset of social media, these struggles are able to be shared with millions of people on a daily basis. From wars and poverty, to pandemics and just the day to day slog that is life. We wanted to create a space that allows people to undertake a journey into a space where one can reflect on oneself. A moment to just step back and say: “I am here”. “I am good”. A moment to pat oneself on the back. We all have struggles in our lives, and the majority of us find ways and means to overcome these hardships. What is hard for you, might not even register for me. What is true is that we all just keep on going and never take a moment for ourselves. We deserve these moments, now more than ever.

We want our stand at Index to be a space that people can just take a minute and look at themselves. Reflect. Remember. A minute to congratulate you.

You’ve come this far. Well done.

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