ALTAVIA ODG’s Evolutionary Concept for Marina Home at Reem Mall

Marina Home, the celebrated home furnishings brand, has unveiled an unprecedented retail experience with the transformation of its concept in the new store at Reem Mall, Abu Dhabi.

From the moment visitors set foot in the store, they are greeted with a striking storefront inspired by Hamburg Warehouse district industrial architecture. The use of vast glass panels offers a sneak peek inside, teasing customers with glimpses of the inviting interior. The expansive space, covering 2,260 sqm, showcases Altavia ODG’s expertise in designing a customer journey that harmoniously blends flexibility, innovation, and sophistication.

Upon entering, customers find themselves in a warm and welcoming space, thoughtfully adorned with engineered wood and concrete screed flooring. The strategic use of warm materials sets the tone for a personal and comfortable experience, aligning with the emotional nature of furniture shopping. The unobtrusive signage beautifully integrated into the space echoes the familiarity of a home environment, inviting visitors to explore without feeling overwhelmed.

From the start, the main goal for both the client and the design consultancy in this project was to enhance the existing Marina Home concept while preserving its distinctive industrial-contemporary vibe, particularly the iconic brick motif reminiscent of New York’s meatpacking district. To achieve this, Altavia ODG’s team envisioned and designed innovative solutions focused on flexibility, modularity and ad-hoc furniture displays to ensure a flawless and holistic customer experience no matter where the customers are within the store.

Robin Rossi and his team designed single-pivot and flexible partitions that could be effortlessly moved to create a dynamic environment. The store became a canvas, where customers could expect a fresh experience with each visit. The introduction of versatile, modular units allowed staff to easily rearrange displays, encouraging imaginative visual merchandise arrangements. Another innovation was in looking at specific categories under a different optic. For example, the display systems for rugs were conceived from a fashion retail perspective, allowing for easy browsing and engagement with the products. The design team also prioritized the comfort and convenience of the staff by creating flexible, mobile units and cleverly integrating workstations into walls and partitions, minimizing any disruption to the overall aesthetic.

A key highlight of the revamped store is the incorporation of Marina Home’s first-ever cafe. The cafe concept was meticulously curated to seamlessly integrate with the retail space, offering customers a tranquil oasis to contemplate their furniture choices while surrounded by the store merchandise. This harmonious blend of retail and F&B is thoughtfully designed to enhance the customer journey and increase dwell time, allowing for a relaxed and immersive shopping experience.

Among the standout features of the new Marina Home store are the stunning patios, reimagined as conservatories within the space. These conservatories act as central pivots, providing a unique shopping experience. The design combines elements of industrial architecture with the warmth of natural wood, creating an inviting and gallery-like ambiance that elevates the presentation of furniture and lighting.

Another remarkable addition is the innovative approach to the main signage. Altavia ODG expertly incorporated subtle and elegant signage outside the store, inspired by home plaques, that perfectly complements Marina Home’s brand identity. Instead of overwhelming customers with large displays, the signage blends harmoniously with the store’s façade aesthetic, creating a sense of familiarity and home within the shopping environment.

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